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"I have been using the prospect email service from Susan K. Bailey for three months. It has paid for itself and then some.

What I like the most about it is it's fast and easy, it targets people in the zip codes I choose, it reaches new people in a new way and at 5 cents per email it's a great buy. Try it!"

Paul Maduri, President
Fitness Unlimited,
Milton, MA

Website and Email Marketing:
Prospect Email Blasts

An Effective Way to Reach Your Next Member

The revolution of technology has resulted in a dramatic shift away from the traditional forms of media, such as newspaper and television, leading to many consumers communicating and sourcing more of their information via the internet and email. This powerful new tool will give your marketing greater benefits when compared to many other forms of advertising,
  • more effective and far less expensive marketing vehicle
  • allows access to a zip code targeted database of 125+ million subscribers to choose your list from.
  • each subscriber has opted-in (given their approval) to receive special offers and information from local businesses.
  • use with direct mail to increase the number of impressions you make on your prospects or use as an effective stand-alone marketing vehicle.
Advertising Medium
Response Rate
Cost Per lead
Direct Mail 1.61% $27.38
Newspaper 0.16% $18.73
Email 2.09% $4.16
Telemarketing 2.46% $67.97
Inserts 0.57% $20.06
Catalogs 6.12% $26.00
Source: DMA 2007 Response Rate Report
In addition to email marketing?s advantages in distribution, the interactive nature of the email advertisements provides an advertiser with three "bites at the apple?:
  • Subject Line: The subject line is the equivalent of outdoor advertising - it is branding. Whether the consumer opens the advertisement or deletes it, they need to read the subject line. The club receives a valuable impression for each email sent.
  • Opens: When the mail piece is opened, the advertisement appears. The open is the equivalent of a direct mail piece or a newspaper advertisement.
  • Clicks: When a consumer clicks on the advertisement, they are redirected to the advertiser?s website or landing page. The click is the equivalent to a search engine or yellow pages click.

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The Benefits of Prospect Emailing

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Locally Targeted: Each record contains the email address, name and address of the consumer. This allows you to see your recipient actually lives in the targeted community.

Interactive: The ability to click through to a website makes an email advertisement interactive - and only search engines and internet yellow pages can claim to be interactive as well.

Trackable: Find out how many consumers opened and clicked on the email advertisement.

Advertiser Initiated: Email advertisements do not wait for the consumer to find the advertiser, rather the advertiser is approaching the consumer.

Single Advertiser: Other than direct mail, all other local advertising medium co-op the advertising message, meaning multiple advertisements appear simultaneously.

Actionable Audience: When the consumer receives the email advertisement, they are able to take action, whether clicking, buying or calling.

Immediate Deployment: An email advertisement can be developed from list to creative and delivery in a very short period of time.

No Minimums/Contracts: Unlike all other advertising, there is no minimum quantity and no contract required.

Ability to Forward: Email marketing is the only true viral marketing medium - your email can be forwarded to others.

Consumers Request Your Prospect Email Advertisement

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A database of 125+ million U.S. consumers that have requested to receive offers, specials and information from local businesses is maintained. Each consumer record contains the email address, physical address, consumer name, and date and time stamp when the consumer opted into the database.

When creating a prospect email list, advertisers have the option to choose specific zip codes to market to, or alternatively, choose a radius search to identify available data within a certain distance from their location. Relevant demographics are also available including average household income, average household value, and residential density.

As a result, the quality of the data including the opt-in nature of the database and the strong accuracy of the information, ensures users experience very strong response rates.

How much does prospect emailing cost?
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