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Why Choose Us
People don't buy fitness.

People buy what fitness can do for them.
Your advertising must appeal
to a need or desire.

At Susan K. Bailey, our mission is to create effective marketing that demonstrates the positive results that fitness can bring to life. We offer original, market-tested promotions, creative designs and compelling copy. In our 20+ year history, we have established strong working relationships with hundreds of health and fitness centers giving us a unique perspective on the industry and how to develop successful marketing strategies that reach and inspire prospective members. Our strongest belief is that direct marketing is the most targeted, attention-grabbing and effective approach to advertising ever invented.

Direct marketing is our first love and we will make it your secret weapon.

Some key benefits of working with Susan K. Bailey:
  • our understanding of the health and fitness industry
  • communication and rapport with client and their marketing objectives
  • our ability to create original concepts and designs
  • the development of an effective appeal with emotional connection to compel the audience
  • maintaining consistency of style throughout a campaign
  • strong visuals and clear, concise copy
  • an extensive in-house image library and stock photo research service
In addition to creative services, Susan K. Bailey also offers these areas of expertise:
  • proprietary print and mail fulfillment services
  • mail list procurement
  • website design & direct email marketing
  • call tracking
  • marketing plan development
  • a designated Marketing Coach
The How and What of Marketing:
  • How to make club marketing work:Susan K. Bailey has developed literally thousands of advertising promotions that set in motion the following simple steps in an essential formula that will lead to your business success. We will take you through each step to maximize that success... MORE >
  • Who is my next NEW member: Your target market consists of four primary audiences: prospects, member referrals, former members and corporate clients... MORE >
  • Where do I find NEW members: Is your club in the right place? You bet it is. Your target market is closer than you may think. 80-90% live within 15-minute drive. A demographic report to identify numbers will certainly Power Up your Mail Program and is available free with our P.U.M.P.... MORE >